Our Sphynx Cats

Because they're warm and soft like a Sunday morning croissant.

The Gents

Because we've got males. With balls.

The Ladies

Because we've got hot females.
Except for Mochi. Mochi is a monster.

The Old Timers

Because they've been traumatized by Mochi and deserve a peaceful retirement.

Our Lykoï Cats

Because there's a full moon this month. Guaranteed. Look it up.

The Boys

Because more males means more peeing contests. And more cuddling.

The Girls

Because Lykoï cats deserve their hot babes too. So here's some.

The Retired

Because we'll have some of those at one point. In the meantime, practice your clicking skills with this button:

All about the Sphynx

Naked cats appeared in various places at various times. Mexican naked cats could be traced back to the precolumbian era. In 1928, French Professor E. Létard describes the "mutant allele h" in naked kittens born from Siamese cats.

All about the Lykoï

While it may not seem so, the Lykoi cat isn't a man-made race. It is, in fact, a natural mutation in the domestic shorthair cat. This atypical race appeared in the state of Virginia and Tennesse in the United States, where kittens looking like the Lykoi cat were discovered.

Cat Shows

You can also meet us in cat shows. Come visit us to talk about the race you like most, or give us news of our kittens!